Sa Pa set to become an international standard tourist site

Sa Pa set to become an international standard tourist site

Under a plan recently announced by Lao Cai People’s Committee, Sa Pa is expected to record an average growth rate of 7.2 percent annually, becoming an economic and cultural centre of the province. Sa Pa town in the northern province of Lao Cai is set to become an international standard tourist site able to receive […]

Sapa – the splendid landscape in Vietnam


Arriving in the  Sapa highland town, tourists will be impressed by the splendid landscapes and professionalism in doing tourism business of the people here. Ham Rong Mountain is kept clean, and trees are well taken care of. Cat Cat Village has many souvenir shops and local sellers are always friendly and happy to local and […]

Sapa with clouds,coldness and its attraction


Sapa welcomes guests with clouds and coldness but no one wants to wrap themselves in blankets to enjoy the warmth at hotels or guesthouses. From the old to the young one, from locals to tourists, all rush to the streets and grope their way in the heavy fog. Although tourists are accustomed to the chilling […]

Travel to Can Cau market


Can Cau market  attracts a large number of ethnic minorities here as well as Chinese traders, evidenced by the booming dog trade here. Can Cau market is one of the most fascinating open-air markets in the region, specialising in livestock. It’s 20km North of Bac Ha and just 9km south of the Chinese border. There […]

Visting Can Cau market in Sapa

Visting Can Cau market in Sapa

Visting Can Cau market in Sapa, combining the market activities with visiting to some tribal villages set amongst beautiful nature for new culture discovery the trip is really memorable and yields good chance for photo hunters. Virtually every Saturday of the year, people of eight different ethnic minority hill tribes gather with their animals and […]

Bringing a bicycle to Fansipan peak – the roof of Indo-china at 3,145m


A  group of Vietnamese students plan to bring their bicycle to the Fansipan peak on the Tet Holiday occasion. They have experienced many destinations throughout Vietnam with this bicycle. The leader of this group, Vu Dang Truong, said that ” With this trip, we want to bring the bicycle – the symbol of our group […]

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